How to Book a Shoot

The first step is to contact us or complete our online inquiry form. You can reach us from our contact page or text, call or email us. ​

It is much easier for us if your team can give us a couple of dates to work with for your photo session. It is easier to determine if your team will all be available than for us to give you a date and try to fit everyone in.

Find out what dates work for everyone and then compete the booking form online. You will also want to submit your teams roster information. On this form, you can provide team name and contact info, roster, banner or poster title and other important information.

Once you determine your dates complete the booking form onlne and let your team know. They can access info on the photo session where they can download our order form, order online and get important information on what the requirements are for  the shoot. 

Photo Shoot Day

Depending on the size of the team, team sessions last approximately 1 hour per 15 subjects. Multi-team sessions will be planned according to time slots. 

You will need to bring all your equipment, including catchers's gear, football helmets and pads, shin guards for soccer and cleats. 

After your child has their photo taken, parents and players, if both present, are required to select their favorite photo EVEN if they are not ordering anything. We do this to avoid having to post or email photos, which can be a time consuming process. 

We will use the photos selected the day of the photo shoot in any posters. Photos for team photos may be changed for layout purposes.

​Then what...?

If you are ordering a team banner, we begin the process right away. We will send a proof of the banner for approval. Please use the Quick Approval Gorm to  

For Senior Banners: Depending on your deadline, we will put your banners up for proofing as soon as we can. Usually a couple of days. However, if you need them quickly we can have them ready in as little as 7-10 days. You will then proof them on our Quick Approval Form.

For individual posters, we will put them online about 10 days after the photo shoot.  It is very important that you approve your poster/banner. We do not ship posters out until they are approved.

Booking a Hall of Fame Shoot

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